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Our Commitment to Equality

At OSI, we recognize true innovation can only be achieved by challenging conventional thinking, and that requires bringing together brilliant minds with unique perspectives. The OSI family is made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds who, together, work toward a shared goal: delivering the best software solutions and customer service in the world.

We look past superficial differences, rallying together for our common cause and the success of all. We celebrate the uniqueness of our employees and customers, and we fully embrace cultural, racial, and gender diversity.

Homogeneity is an enemy to innovation and creativity, both of which serve as keystones of OSI’s business model. We celebrate our multicultural and diverse work force. Those who come to OSI—regardless of their gender, culture, or race—will always find here an all-supportive, all-inclusive, and family-oriented work environment.

—Bahman Hoveida, OSI Founder

No Limits

We seek to foster a rewarding career for every OSI employee, opening doors to opportunities not afforded anywhere else. We select employees who are industrious, intelligent, and creative team players. Any employee—regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, or position within the company—can expect a fruitful career with great upward mobility.

Quality of Life at OSI

Happy employees are the best employees. As such, we treat ours as family members and ensure they are afforded competitive wages and extraordinary benefits, including long-term incentives to reward them as the company grows.


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