Large industrial facilities run on OSI Stratus software

University campuses run on OSI Stratus software

Critical transportation infrastructure runs on OSI Stratus software

OSI Stratus

Your Solution to Achieve More Sustainable and Reliable Industrial Energy Performance

With OSI Stratus™, Energy Managers can strategically optimize the cost of energy, implement complex measures and monitor their global energy infrastructure in real-time.

Connecting all your facilities and processes to OSI Stratus will lead to improved energy performance for the enterprise.

Many sectors of the Industry are increasingly investing across all their factories, data centers, warehouses and buildings in strategic energy management to:

  1. Reduce production costs
  2. Ensure reliability and safety, and
  3. Reduce carbon footprints.

The digitization of industrial processes and services along with the need for more efficient and sustainable operation are demanding better energy performance. Contact us to read our "Energy 4.0 for Industry 4.0" white paper.

OSI Stratus is the unique software solution combining on a single platform the following capability:

  • Optimize energy usage and cost,
  • Monitor and control industrial power systems, and
  • Operate microgrids.

We Specialize in Operational Technology for Energy & Power

The world's best-run energy companies run our software.

Our solutions are configurable and can be tailored for various-sized utilities and energy companies.

Our software manages nearly 20% of the world's energy supply, transport and delivery.

Our clients are located worldwide, in more than 25 countries and territories.