The First Integrated Solution for Industrial Energy Management

From Planning to Operation

Across all industries, executives are asking energy managers to solve complex problems:

  • Where are we using significant energy and can we reduce this?
  • Why is our utility bill so high?
  • What would it take to expand our campus? Can we rely on our own microgrid?
  • How can I use more solar energy? How about batteries?
  • How can we reduce downtime? Can we still rely on our backup genset?
  • Are we ready for this storm and can we rapidly recover?
  • What is our carbon footprint and how can we minimize it?
  • How can we reduce costs and use more remote monitoring and control?

With OSI Stratus you can address all those issues for one site and for the global enterprise

  • Make data-driven recommendations
  • Monitor energy performance
  • Operate and maintain all power assets