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Ensure 24x7 Power Supply to Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure saves lives, but to do so it requires a reliable, 24x7 power supply. Most of our infrastructure is electrified today and its digital systems depend on uninterrupted power. With OSI Stratus, critical infrastructure operators can:

  1. Monitor and control power supply 24x7
  2. Prepare and test for emergency situations with backup power
  3. Reduce costs by optimizing the use of power assets

Critical infrastructure that can benefit most from OSI Stratus includes:

  • Smart cities' emergency services
  • Transportation: rail, airport, seaport
  • Telecommunication
  • Healthcare
  • Government campuses

OSI Stratus is designed for critical applications and supporting redundant computing architectures in high-availability data centers. It is also installed and commissioned on ruggedized industrial computers for maximum performance in harsh environments. Operators can run the power systems for their critical infrastructure and safely perform the following tasks:

  • Remotely monitor all systems with high-speed intelligent alarming
  • Perform fast-switching operations such as transferring to back-up power
  • Track the maintenance of power assets and prevent failures
  • Test backup generation, islanding mode and load shedding before storms
  • Operate facilities in islanding mode, enabling them to run on their own power for multiple days

This railroad company serves the largest city in Australia with reliable and clean electric transportation. Its power systems are monitored and controlled by OSI Stratus. To learn more, please request the case study here.

Security is a fundamental requirement for reliability. In today's world, critical infrastructure must be both physically and digitally secure. OSI is an ISO 27001-certified company that has delivered mission-critical systems to the power industry and the U.S. federal government with strict security compliance. OSI Stratus is designed as a highly secure, mission-critical system.

Learn more about the capabilities of OSI Stratus here.