Reduce Costs and Improve Productivity in Manufacturing

Most manufacturing sectors are investing in better energy performance to reduce costs, ensure business continuity, and minimize downtime. OSI Stratus is your solution to:

  1. Collect data and further optimize energy performance
  2. Monitor and control your energy assets, such as generators and batteries
  3. Prepare for storms and operate on backup generators

Manufacturing sectors that can benefit most from OSI Stratus are:

  • Automotive
  • Food & beverage
  • Electronics
  • Consumer packaging and goods
  • Heavy machinery, etc.

With OSI Stratus, you can perform the following tasks for individual factories and for the global enterprise:

  • Identify and track significant energy usage
  • Benchmark and propose recommendations for reducing energy usage
  • Assign detailed cost of energy to factories, production lines, units of production, etc.
  • Remotely monitor and control your energy assets
  • Operate microgrids with renewable and storage capability
  • Optimize energy performance with machine-learning models

Installing OSI Stratus in factories is a simple task:

  1. Energy data is often already collected in manufacturing systems, factory automation systems and building systems. A simple software interface can be designed for real-time scanning and data concentration from the existing systems to the OSI Stratus edge platform.
  2. To collect additional energy data, sub-meters and other devices can be deployed on the internal IP network and connect directly to the OSI Stratus edge platform.
  3. Once the data flows into the OSI Stratus edge platform it is automatically synchronized into the OSI Stratus cloud platform, along with data from any other factories that you wish to connect. All features and functions of OSI Stratus are accessible from anywhere using secure browser-based user interfaces.

Learn more about the capabilities of OSI Stratus here.