Improve Reliability in Process Industries

Process industries are heavy users of electricity and gas as they extract, process and distribute their products. OSI Stratus can support smarter energy management, including:

  1. Real-time monitoring and control of power and gas generation and distribution assets
  2. Remote management of industrial power and gas systems
  3. Optimization for cost reduction and reliability of energy supply

Process industries that can benefit most from OSI Stratus are:

  • Petrochemical
  • Metal & mining
  • Cement, pulp & paper
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Agriculture / food processing

OSI Stratus includes a modern SCADA system, leveraging the same real-time platform used by utilities around the world. Process engineers and energy managers rely on OSI Stratus to:

  • Monitor and control power and gas equipment
  • Forecast load and generation to balance supply / demand
  • Optimize cost of energy, lower demand peaks, and trade with energy markets
  • Plan addition of energy assets, in particular renewable and energy storage
  • Recommend changes in industrial processes to optimize energy performance

The largest aluminum plant in the world uses OSI Stratus to monitor and control its power generation and distribution system. To learn more, please request the case study here.

OSI Stratus is an independent software capable of interfacing with all brands of power equipment, including substation automation systems, power plant DCS, battery management systems, etc. It supports both energy and industrial data protocols:

  1. Collect energy information from meters, RTUs, PLCs, DCS using IEC 60870, DNP, Modbus or OPC-UA
  2. Monitor and control power assets using DNP, IEC 61850
  3. Collect fault recorder, data logger, and industrial data through software interfaces

Learn more about the capabilities of OSI Stratus here.