Improve the Reliability and Sustainability of the Service Industry

The service industry faces an increasing demand for 24x7 digital information, instant delivery, and a demonstration of sustainable best practices to preserve our environment. With OSI Stratus, energy managers can support today's consumer expectations, including:

  1. Ensuring 24x7 operations of energy infrastructure for data centers
  2. Operating microgrids remotely at multiple sites across a wide area
  3. Maximizing the use of renewable energy resources

Service industries that can benefit most from OSI Stratus include:

  • Internet / data services
  • Universities
  • Hospitality and retail
  • Shipping and warehousing

OSI Stratus is a combination of an enterprise energy management software and operational real-time system. With this powerful combination of both real-time control and analytics, service companies can perform the following tasks:

  • Measure and consolidate energy usage across all sites
  • Forecast load and renewable generation across all sites
  • Monitor and control microgrids remotely
  • Develop enterprise analytics for Power Use Effectiveness (PUE)
  • Operate facilities in islanding mode enabling them to run on their own power for multiple days

One of the largest data centers operated by the U.S. government is powered by a microgrid to run its computer and building infrastructure daily, as well as survive on its own power for several weeks. OSI Stratus is the microgrid management system in use at this facility, monitoring and controlling power supply, including gas and solar as well as all power switchyard equipment and distribution panels. To learn more, please request the case study here.

We use global data standards and models to represent facilities and equipment in agnostic ways. This enables you to select the best equipment and automation system while being sure that your data environment for monitoring, control and analytics remains the same.

Learn more about the capabilities of OSI Stratus here.