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The World's Leading Open Software Platform for Your Energy Performance Needs

Improving energy performance requires real, accurate data and pragmatic analytical tools to support decisions at both the plant and corporate level.

Open Systems International (OSI) offers OSI Stratus™, a modern industrial energy management solution for data acquisition, asset monitoring, and control.

Energy managers can rely on OSI Stratus to perform every aspect of their role:

  • Reduce energy usage in facilities
  • Operate power systems and microgrids
  • Provide reliable energy supply for manufacturing
  • Plan and budget energy improvement

The OSI Stratus suite is built on our robust and proven monarch™ platform, and includes:

  • Stratus Energy Optimization Solutions (EOS) — all energy data at a granular level, storing it in our big data environment so that visual analysis and simulation can guide energy performance decisions.
  • Stratus Power Management Solutions (PMS) — provides real-time visualization to support situational awareness for energy engineers, along with monitoring and control features for power operators.
  • Stratus Microgrid Management Solutions (MMS) — ensures the readiness of your microgrid for emergency situations while optimizing the overall cost of power supply from the grid and microgrids during normal operations.

Contact us to request our OSI Stratus data sheets.