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Manage Your Microgrid Operations and Resources

The Stratus Microgrid Management System (MMS) is a secure edge-to-cloud solution built on a scalable and proven operational technology platform that integrates with your existing microgrid infrastructure.

Optimizing supply and demand aids in anticipating emergency conditions or any sudden change in load versus supply balance and is a core component provided with our native forecast technology in Stratus MMS. Using proven pattern-matching techniques to correlate multiple input variables and historical data, such as load, generation, and weather, the forecast model is continuously updated to help determine how to schedule your microgrid.

Stratus MMS supports organizing optimal schedules into pre-defined "strategies." An operator can select the appropriate strategy that automatically implements a sequence of operations for load curtailment, generator startup, battery discharge, etc. to achieve a given goal. The operations can also be triggered by events and automatically executed without the intervention of an operator.

In Stratus MMS, energy engineers can perform predictive analytics using machine learning to further optimize and schedule the operation of microgrids given uncertain operational and economical variables across several time horizons—short-term, mid-term, and long-term—including loads, generation, industrial schedules, and energy prices.

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