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Optimize and Control Your Power Infrastructure

The Stratus Power Management System (PMS) is a secure edge-to-cloud solution built on a scalable and proven operational technology platform that integrates with and controls your power management infrastructure.

Stratus PMS is a mission-critical application to monitor and control power assets such as distributed generators, balance of plant substations and switchyards, energy storage systems, MV/LV electrical equipment, and critical loads. It is a modern power SCADA designed to take full advantage of scalable technology such as the Internet of Things, virtual computing, big data, and advanced graphics.

Stratus PMS delivers efficient real-time information management and control for demanding industrial power systems. It integrates all communications with field devices via an IP-based network and a modularized communications front-end processor subsystem that supports a variety of device protocols. It also provides secure switching and dispatching operations based on the user's areas of responsibility, efficient multi-level tagging for equipment and field work support, and support for snapshots and playback of archived real-time data for troubleshooting.

Stratus PMS provides the features required for industrial power asset management. These features facilitate the integration of operation and maintenance with other aspects of your industrial energy strategy to improve reliability, maximize the use of assets, and lower the total cost of ownership. Operational data can be stored in the Stratus cloud to support predictive analytics using machine learning to optimize downtime for asset maintenance.

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