Helping You Face New Challenges

We seek to help electric utilities meet new challenges in deregulation; limited transmission, distribution and generation resources; cyber security concerns; and cost pressures.

OSI technology is at the forefront of electric utility operation and control around the world. Utilities of all sizes in the transmission, distribution, and generation market sectors rely on OSI technology for their daily operation. Some of the world's best-run utility companies use our software day in and day out.

OSI's modern monarch™ architecture offers a flexible, expandable and adaptable Smart Grid platform for Energy Management, Generation Management, Distribution Management and Outage Management, and meets the Substation Automation needs of electric utilities. OSI's modular "product-based" approach offers a breadth of individual applications for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, Generation Control and Optimization, Transmission Security Analysis, Distribution Network Analysis, Demand Response, Renewables Management, Voltage and Var Control and Market Management, as well as broad secure communications interfaces with modern or legacy field devices and control centers.