Helping You Achieve More Sustainable and Reliable Industrial Energy Performance

A corporate energy and sustainability strategy requires constant awareness of all aspects of energy consumption and generation across the business enterprise. Tasked with improving energy performance and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the Corporate Energy Manager works with the operation managers and facility managers to analyze, plan, and implement a more resilient and efficient energy/GHG profile across the enterprise. Improving energy performance and reducing GHG emissions depends on strategic and operational tasks, all requiring accurate data and pragmatic analytical tools to support decisions at both the plant and corporate level.

Using a Data Driven Energy and Sustainability Strategy to manage Energy/GHG usage will allow Corporations/Institutions, etc. to effectively track success towards defined targets and goals. This will require the use of real-time information to monitor Energy/GHG Usage, Production, and facility operational Key Performance Indicators (KPI's). Real time information and monitoring will allow the Corporation to track success towards goals, identify deviations from these goals and pro-actively take actions to change course.

OSI Stratus™ is built on monarch™, the industry's most effective data integration and control platform based on our many years of experience in power SCADA. Using a modern edge-to cloud architecture, the system collects data from all types of assets across sites using standard protocols. The edge platforms collect data on premise and can include real-time data processing and HMI. The edge platform can also be deployed as a mission-critical operational system for microgrids.

The cloud platform collects and moves data from the edge platforms into a secure enterprise data environment hosted in the cloud. The unique, unsurpassed capability of OSI Stratus stems from its collection of tools available. Users can easily build their own graphical dashboards and integrate their own analytical models to analyze, predict, control and make better decisions to achieve optimal energy operation and resilience.