Unsurpassed Performance & Security to Meet Your Automation Needs

We're ready to help you face new challenges in hydro-carbon supply chain monitoring and control.

When it comes to managing vast and highly complex networks of pipelines for the transport and distribution of hydro-carbons, most traditional industry solutions offer lower-performing and inflexible platforms with serious security concerns. OSI's modern monarch™ architecture offers a flexible, expandable and adaptable platform for managing very large oil & gas networks.

Originally designed for high-performance electric network operations with demanding performance, capacity, throughput and cyber security requirements, monarch provides an ideal system platform for larger oil & gas automation applications, too. OSI offers a wide variety of individual applications within its modular product approach, an open interface structure for areas such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, Network Management, Leak Detection, Flow Calculation, Pressure Control, Operator Training Simulation, Meter Verification, a communications interface with various Remote Terminal Units and PLC's, and seamless integration of third party oil & gas applications.