Unsurpassed Performance and Security to Meet Your Oil & Gas Operation and Pipeline Management Needs

Oil & gas operators and utilities are facing increasing obligations to optimize the operation and management of their assets to comply with safety and environmental regulations, all while these systems continue to grow significantly in both scale and complexity.

Despite these increasingly stringent demands and challenges impeding the operation of upstream assets and transportation or distribution pipeline networks, traditional industry automation solutions remain predominantly based on inflexible, non-scalable, and low-performance platforms that are not in the same class as electric industry platforms with respect to cyber security, performance, or resiliency.

To address this deficiency of capable technology in the industry, OSI offers OSI Continua Solutions™, a comprehensive operational technology platform based on our proven, resilient monarch™ real-time architecture. It's ideally designed to meet the most stringent monitoring and control, analysis, and security requirements of any large-scale, modern gas or liquid pipeline network or upstream production field. For joint operators of electric and gas, OSI Continua Solutions provides a common enterprise solution to meet electric, gas, and liquid management requirements.

OSI Continua Solutions is an industrial-grade, secure automation solution with a superior pedigree to any other currently available. It provides exceptional flexibility, scalability, and cyber security characteristics, and is specifically designed to manage the large-scale pipeline networks of petroleum, condensate, and natural gas systems; comprehensive chemical processing operations; and other fluid networks such as those for water.

OSI Continua Solutions is comprised of the following solution suites of products:

  • Continua Field Solutions (CFS) — provides automation and software applications associated with traditional production facilities and regional transmission centers such as a compressor or pumping station.
  • Continua Gas Solutions (CGS) — provides automation and software applications associated with transmission and distribution pipeline systems, and storage for pipeline operators as well as transportation of gaseous fluids, especially natural gas and LNG.
  • Continua Liquid Solutions (CLS) — provides automation and software applications associated with transmission and distribution pipeline systems, and storage for pipeline operators transporting crude, other petroleum products, or water.

The specific Oil & Gas modeling solutions are suited for use:

  • Online, for use inside the control room by an operator/controller for real-time control and simulation
  • Offline, for use outside of the control room by engineering teams conducting simulation studies
  • In business applications by commercial teams to track transportation and assist in billing

The monarch platform, when paired with the advanced applications in the OSI Continua Solutions suite, improves visibility and performance of geographically dispersed assets, delivering real-time performance management of production and pipeline assets. OSI Continua Solutions technology enables global energy companies to manage their operations remotely, even those in distant and extreme environments. Exploration activities and new production fields are being developed, monitored, controlled, and optimized globally using OSI technology.