Managing Our Most Vital Natural Resource

Let us help you meet your operational challenges with state-of-the-art automation solutions.

Traditionally, the water industry's automation and control needs have been addressed via low technology industrial automation solutions. Very large water utilities had to settle for these limited technologies with many drawbacks, which included adversarial contractor relationships, limited system growth, cyber security concerns and a lack of more sophisticated analytical or optimization applications.

OSI's modern monarch™ architecture platform offers flexibility and the ability to expand and adapt for managing expansive water and hydro networks. Originally designed for electric network operations with demanding performance, capacity, throughput and cyber security requirements, monarch provides an ideal system platform for large water automation applications, too.

OSI's modular product approach and open interfaces offer a breadth of individual applications for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, Network Management, Leak Detection, Flow Calculation, Pressure Control and communications interfaces with various Remote Terminal Units and PLC's, in addition to the seamless integration of third-party water management software.