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OSI's monarch™ Generation Management and Market Operation System Selected by a Major International Energy Concern* for its ERCOT Operation

Open Systems International, Inc. (OSI) has been awarded a contract by a world-renowned Energy Concerns (EC) North American business unit for supply of a comprehensive new Generation Management System (GMS) and Market Operation System. The proposed project is based on the distributed open architecture of OSI's monarch™ GMS, giving the company a flexible, reliable and secure system to provide Real-time generation resource monitoring, dispatch and control services for its assets in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) region.

Prior to choosing OSI's monarch technology, the EC utilized third-party hosted solutions for scheduling, monitoring, dispatch and control functions, as well as for its settlement services to perform required Qualified Scheduling Entity activities in the ERCOT region. Due to better flexibility, scalability and cost considerations, the EC decided to implement and own its own GMS and has chosen OSI's monarch platform. The OSI monarch system serves as part of an integrated solution to provide a unified GMS and Scheduling and Settlement platform.

"We welcome this new high profile customer to our family of monarch users and specifically to our growing number of ERCOT and Generation users. We will make sure the company experiences the same high level of satisfaction from our technology and services as our entire user base have," said Bahman Hoveida, CEO and President of OSI.

OSI's monarch Generation Management system will provide the EC with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, Automatic Generation Control and Dispatch based on ERCOT control guidelines, Historical Information Archiving, calculation and trending capabilities and a Web-based Graphical User Interface. The implementation of this system will enable exchanging of data via DNP and/or ICCP communications with ERCOT, as well as other power pools.

OSI (www.osii.com) provides open, state-of-the-art, and high-performance automation solutions to electric utilities worldwide. These solutions include Energy Management Systems (EMS), Distribution Management Systems (DMS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems, and Generation Management Systems (GMS), as well as individual software products and e-business solutions for electric utility operations. OSI is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

For additional information regarding this news release please contact news@osii.com.

* Note: For security and competitive concerns, EC has wished to remain anonymous.