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Bhutan Power Corporation Limited Selects OSI Technology for Advanced Distribution Management System

Open Systems International, Inc. (OSI) has been awarded a contract by Bhutan Power Corporation Limited (BPC) of the Kingdom of Bhutan to deliver a state-of-the-art Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) based on OSI's monarch™ (Multi-platform Open Network ARCHitecture) real-time automation and visualization platform. This ADMS system will be implemented for the distribution network in Thimphu, Bhutan's capital city, to manage the reliable delivery of electricity to the city's 115,000 inhabitants.

The OSI ADMS will include the following functionality: OSI's Graphical User Interface; Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition; Advanced Alarm Management System; Communications Front-end Processor; Real-time and Historical Trending; Inter-control Center Communications Protocol; Geographic Information Systems Interface; Load Shed and Restoration; Geographic Information Systems Interface; Distribution Mapping and Visualization; Distribution Power Flow; Volt/VAR control; Fault Location, Isolation, and Service Restoration; Dispatcher Training Simulator; Spectra™, OSI's Advanced Distribution Management System; Electra™ Outage Management System; and CHRONUS™, OSI's next-generation historian. OSI will also provide BPC with communications hardware, RTU and FRTUs, auxiliary systems, and DT metering in order to provide a fully modern, holistic solution.

"We envision that this ADMS project will improve the overall reliability, quality and operational efficiency of the distribution network in Thimphu, thereby improving customer satisfaction and facilitating the modernization of the electrical grid," said Gem Tshering, BPC's managing director.

"Bhutan Power Corporation and OSI share a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction," said OSI Vice President Bharath Kumar, managing director of international operations. "These mutual values make for a natural partnership that will serve as a template for modernization efforts in the surrounding region. Bhutan Power Corporation joins a growing customer base in the area and will be a leader among the many local distribution utilities now partnered with OSI."

Bhutan Power Corporation Limited (www.bpc.bt)—headquartered in Thimphu, Bhutan—was launched as a public utility in 2002 with the intent to distribute electricity throughout the country and provide transmission access for generating stations producing power for domestic supply and export. BPC seeks to not only ensure electricity is available to all the kingdom's citizens, but that it is reliable, adequate, and above all, affordable. BPC takes pride in their commitment to producing the highest quality of work in a cost-effective way, managing their organization in the most efficient manner and ensuring their employees are developed to the fullest extent of their capabilities.

Open Systems International (www.osii.com)—headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota—provides open, state-of-the-art and high-performance automation solutions to utilities worldwide. These solutions include Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, Network Management Systems (NMS), Energy Management Systems (EMS), Distribution Management Systems (DMS), Outage Management Systems (OMS), Generation Management Systems (GMS), Substation Automation (SA) Systems, Data Warehousing (Historian) Analytics, Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS), Situational Awareness Systems, individual software and hardware products, and Smart Grid solutions for utility operations. OSI's solutions empower its users to meet their operational challenges, day-in and day-out, with unsurpassed reliability and a minimal cost of technology ownership and maintenance.

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