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Emerson's OSI Digital Grid Solutions participates in the FLEXENER Project to enable Spain to become a carbon-neutral country by 2050

Emerson OSI Digital Grid Solutions, in cooperation with a number of operational technology vendors and Spanish utilities, will participate in the FLEXENER Project, which seeks to integrate new generation, network, and demand technologies to achieve a 100 percent renewable and fully decarbonized Spanish energy system.

To this end, new capabilities, models, and technology will be explored in areas such as power electronics, interoperability, and connectivity of equipment and weather forecasting systems, which will facilitate the integration and operational management of renewable energies. These new technologies will enable Spain to avoid demand peaks and meet the country's long-term goal of becoming a carbon-neutral country by 2050.

The main objective of the FLEXENER Project is to research new technologies and simulation models in the field of renewable generation, storage systems, flexible demand Management, and distribution grid operation. The aim is to achieve a 100 percent renewable and decarbonized energy mix, effectively integrated into the electricity system of the future in a flexible, efficient, and safe manner.

As part of this initiative, Emerson-OSI will provide new, innovative technologies for intelligent energy demand management, integrating this with distributed energy resources (DER) to provide greater flexibility in energy management.

The FLEXENER Project will span from 2020 to 2023 and has a total budget of €7.6 million, subsidized by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) with €5.3 million. The project has been supported by the Ministry of Science and Innovation. To view the formal announcement in Spanish, please click here.