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The midstream segment is the most capital-intensive part of the value chain among the three primary sub-segments in the oil & gas industry. The midstream segment includes the long and substantial transmission pipelines, storage, separations sites, compressor or pump stations, and terminals. The segment is divided into two main categories: gas transmission and liquid transmission.

Midstream Diagram

Natural Gas Transmission Assets

Natural gas transmission consists of long-haul pipelines that are used for the interstate and intrastate transportation of natural gas to local distribution companies, storage, power utilities, and other pipelines. The assets include high-pressure long-distance pipelines, compressor stations, terminals, tank farms, storage, and/or LNG facilities.

Liquid Transmission Assets

Liquid transmission assets include crude oil, refined product, and NGL (natural gas liquid) transportation and storage. This supply chain is very different from gas transmission assets and usually includes long-haul pipelines that are used for intrastate and interstate transportation of crude oil, liquid refined products and natural gas liquids, pumping stations, tank farms, and terminals.

The gas transmission asset's main aim is the energy transfer from production fields or storage facilities to gas utilities or city gates for distribution, whereas the liquid transmission asset serves the purpose of bringing crude and other liquid products from field or processing plants to refineries, terminals, or marketing facilities.

Being a critical and capital-intensive operation, the asset owners focus heavily on efficiency and safety of the operations, plus continuity of operations.

We have assembled a team of industry veterans who specifically focus on efficiency, safety, and continuity of operations. Our solution is based on real-time operational needs, while also considering simulation, operator training, modeling and forecasting as offline functionalities. The OSI monarch™ platform, combined with the Continua™ suite of products, provides a state-of-the-art integrated solution with the ability to host Continua™ Gas Solutions' advanced applications in six different modules, based on the operational needs of our clients.

OSI is committed to developing long-term partnerships with our customers. Our goal is to provide CAPEX and OPEX efficiency throughout the life cycle of the assets, while simultaneously providing the necessary technological solutions to ensure the safety and continuity of operations.