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OSI's Oil & Gas Business Unit defines the upstream segment as the exploration and initial production stages of crude oil, gas, condensate, or other hydrocarbons. We focus primarily on onshore field production with an emphasis on optimization and safety.

Upstream Diagram

The onshore field production stage takes place after exploration. The main challenge for small- to medium-size producers is safety while ensuring an efficient operation. The continuity of production is by far the most important goal while driving asset management costs down—and keeping them down. For these companies, uninterrupted production while limiting operational costs is a matter of survival.

At OSI, we understand the challenges and primary goals of this segment.

We have assembled a team of industry veterans who specifically focus on efficiency, safety, and continuity of operations. Our solution is based on real-time operational needs, while also considering simulation, operator training, modeling and forecasting as offline functionalities. The OSI monarch™ platform, combined with the Continua™ suite of product, provides a state-of-the-art integrated solution with the ability to host Continua™ Field Solutions' advanced applications. These applications are designed specifically to ensure the integrity of assets such as pumps and treatment plants, while also delivering improved cost efficiency. We also provide these applications on the cloud, as we recognize the benefits of being flexible and agile as the production age of fields varies for producers.

OSI is committed to developing long-term partnerships with our customers. Our goal is to provide CAPEX and OPEX efficiency throughout the life cycle of the assets, while simultaneously providing the necessary technological solutions to ensure the safety and continuity of operations.