OSI is committed to providing our clients exceptional, world-class training to accelerate and enhance their understanding of our technology and maximize their return on investment (ROI) in OSI products and applications.

Simplicity and usability are the cornerstones of our designs and product architecture. In a simple design framework, training becomes a mere reinforcement of the obvious.

Our comprehensive training program allows our clients to:

  • Elevate their general understanding and knowledge of our solutions
  • Master the configuration and maintenance of our solutions
  • Increase their operational proficiency in OSI solutions and achieve a higher ROI
  • Achieve maximum knowledge transfer for development of new complementary applications

OSI offers three distinct forms of training:

The OSI University campus, located in Minneapolis (Medina), Minnesota, provides an effective and state-of-the-art training environment for students. Classroom training at OSI provides focused training instruction for maintenance and operation of OSI technology.

Web-based training is offered throughout the year to supplement the formal classroom training, and is typically intended for more focused topics of interest.

In addition to OSI University courses, webinars are offered throughout the year to supplement the formal classroom training and are intended for more focused topics of interest. Learn more about our online training »

To register for an OSI University training course, please visit the OSI Members Secure Site.

OSI is recognized by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) as a Continuing Education (CE) provider. CE credits can be earned by participants for OSI University courses dealing with Operator Training and Operational Awareness. For a comprehensive list of CE-certified courses, please contact OSI at