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Next-Generation Data Historian based on the latest Big Data technology

Historian solutions on the market may not meet all users' needs. These solutions are not designed to support an exponential increase in data; are based on traditional, rigid database technology; and have limited platform support. CHRONUS™ is a comprehensive data historian platform for high-fidelity archival of time series data.

Why Big Data Technology?

  • Proven Big Data/NoSQL database
  • Cluster friendly
  • Fault tolerant on low-range hardware or Cloud infrastructure
  • Supports fast data replication across multiple data centers
  • Scales with no loss in performance - linear scaling from 1 processor node to many nodes
  • Heavily optimized for write performance
  • High throughput ~100,000+ data points/sec/node on mid-range servers

Key features of CHRONUS

  • Supports temporal data collection and storage (past, present and future periods)
  • Supports time series data, alarms and events, sequence of events, high frequency phasor (PMU) data
  • Supports periodic or by exception data collections
  • Any real-time, calculated or applications data can be collected
  • Supports true "flight recorder/black box" recording—all real-time data changes are captured by exception with no loss of accuracy
  • Uses data source timestamps or generated timestamps with microsecond precision
  • Supports distributed and hierarchal architectures including corporate enterprise architectures
  • Scales linearly in terms of computing resources and disk storage
  • Supports historical calculations and functions
  • Supports multiple operating systems (Windows® or Linux®)
  • Supports advanced analytics and data visualizations and Business Intelligence tools
  • Supports open reporting and data-mining tools
  • Supports full ODBC connectivity and Microsoft Office® integration