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The Future is Coming

Cumulus™ is a next-generation, Cloud-based architecture designed to meet the demands of future operations systems, built on disruptive global and utility industry technology trends. At its core, the same proven monarch™ kernels are deployed and further expanded to support a uniform Cloud architecture.

Key features of the Cumulus platform:

  • Support for the Utility of the Future and Utility Internet/Intranet of Things—millions of smart devices and data points, thousands of users
  • Cloud- and Big Data-based platform with broad network access and a global architecture
  • Securely connects everything utility: power system equipment, substation devices, customers, crews, decisions and actions
  • Accommodates and replaces multi-level system hierarchies with tens of millions of points
  • Utilities with diverse geographies, control areas and control systems can consolidate on a single Cloud architecture, realizing unsurpassed economies
  • Virtualized, highly available and location-transparent Operations Technology (OT) services
  • Distributed over multiple active data centers, scalable and elastic
  • Granular and transparent disaster recovery and failover by logical function/grouping
  • Big Data Technologies at its core
    • Based on highly scalable, distributed, state-of-the-art data architecture
    • Real-time, historical, application and source data
    • Built-in clustering and data location transparency
  • Heterogeneous client/Cloud support—traditional workstations, mobile and location-aware devices