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The Future is Here

e-scada.com™ is a secure Cloud-based SCADA and application service platform that delivers effective, hassle-free and affordable means to bring automation to smaller utilities and industrial concerns.

Who can benefit from a hosted e-scada.com solution?


  • Smaller utilities with no existing SCADA system or technical maintenance infrastructure, wanting to outsource the maintenance of their SCADA system
  • Renewable companies in need of secondary or aggregated monitoring of their assets
  • Industrial concerns with distributed assets needing monitoring and/or remote control
  • Data centers and other complexes including Microgrids needing monitoring and control
  • Applications users who want a hassle-free application service served via a Cloud
  • Beginners who want to try out the technology before owning it

Service Providers

  • Utilities who want to provide automation and control services to their members (e.g. cooperatives, independent generation companies and energy market participants)
  • Large industrial or retail organizations with countrywide affiliates, franchises, sites and plants for providing energy and other forms of monitoring and control for those sites
  • Organizations who are load aggregators and/or demand response providers
  • Small and medium production oil & gas companies
  • Large, medium, and small natural gas transportation and storage companies
  • Large, medium, and small refined products, crude oil transportation, and crude oil storage companies

Our e-scada solution can be deployed very quickly and we offer various service level agreements for availability, performance and security. A robust security model is used for those requiring remote control capability. An innovative security architecture is deployed, which can use on-premise security gateways for authentication and control. Private Clouds are also available for larger companies who need an extra layer of security.