monarch™ Oil & Gas is a state-of-the-art open system architecture designed for unequaled portability and is available on various high-performance hardware and operating system platforms.

It is an extensible architecture that scales well from smaller applications to very large distributed network systems.

The monarch architecture meets the key criteria for a truly open system: It supports multiple choices in terms of hardware, operating system, virtualization and database platforms, and is expandable, upgradeable and maintainable to the highest degree possible.

Key features supported by the monarch platform are:

  • Multiple operating systems including Microsoft Windows®, Linux® and UNIX®
  • All popular relational database management systems as well as NoSQL technologies
  • Physical or virtualized hardware configurations, on premise or cloud-deployable
  • Secure segmented architecture with multiple points of defense and a robust security shield
  • Distributed (IP-based) front-end communications interface to field devices
  • Many popular RTU, IED and PLC protocols including legacy and open protocols such as DNP, MODBUS and IEC
  • Secure Microsoft Windows- or web-based lightweight operator user interface
  • Advanced data visualization and user interface, including 3D rendering and virtualization
  • Advanced Situational Awareness capability
  • Extensive Business Rules Engine and dashboards for Real-time Business Intelligence
  • Seamless integration with external enterprise applications
  • Secure integration with mobile devices, smart phones and tablets
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Office® or other enterprise applications for reporting and analytics
  • Very large capacity and throughput for processing large volumes of events and data changes
  • Hundreds of user clients, either local or mobile web users
  • Big Data technologies for massive time-series data storage and analytics