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Continua™ Field Solutions

In a world of finite natural resources and exponentially increasing energy demands, exploration and production companies are facing increasing obligations to optimize the operation and management of their well, tank and field facilities, and to comply with safety and environmental regulations, all while these systems continue to grow significantly in both scale and complexity.

Despite increasingly stringent demands and challenges being placed on the operation of well, tank and field facilities, traditional industry automation products are predominantly based upon inflexible and low-performance platforms, often utilizing technology originally designed for DCS and low-tier control systems.

To meet the challenges facing production operators in oil and gas markets, OSI has developed Continua™ Field Solutions (CFS). CFS offers a comprehensive suite of products for field operations, including monitoring, control and management software applications. These applications are specifically intended for the supervisory control and analysis of the operations and performance of modern oil and gas wells, tanks and field facilities.

Continua™ Field Solutions (CFS) provides an unprecedented number of applications for the oil and gas production company, both from an offline and operational point of view.

At the same time, Continua™ Field Solutions (CFS) provides several applications for both safety and reliability. Continua™ Field Solutions (CFS) uniqueness is due to its simplicity and modular design, which make it user friendly, scalable, easy to maintain, and safe.

Continua™ Field Solutions (CFS) supports a full suite of applications for monitoring, control and management of field operations, including, but not limited to:

  • Artificial lift Applications including ESP, Rod Lift and Injection monitoring
  • API compliant tank calculations
  • Standardized liquid/gas protocols
  • API compliant standardized volume calculations
  • Real-time monitoring of flow, pressure, temperature and density data
  • User interface giving better situational awareness
  • Tank management system for both oil, condensate and produced water
  • Web-browser based user interface (OSI Voyager™)
  • Mobile enabled user interface (OSI Compass™)
  • Cloud enabled platform (OpenXphere™)
  • Alarm management
  • Well test applications and reports
  • Safety related applications to prevent incidents
  • Performance optimized "big data" historian
  • Business related applications