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Continua™ Gas Solutions

In a world of finite natural resources and exponentially increasing energy demands, gas pipeline companies are facing increasing obligations to optimize the operation and management of their gas pipeline and gas storage systems while complying with safety and environmental regulations. Meanwhile, these systems continue to grow significantly in both scale and complexity.

In spite of increasingly stringent demands being placed on the operation of gas transportation pipelines and storage, traditional industry automation products remain predominantly based upon inflexible and low-performance platforms, often utilizing technology originally designed for DCS and low-tier control systems.

To meet the challenges facing gas pipeline operators and gas storage operators today, OSI has developed the Continua™ Gas Solutions (CGS) offering: a comprehensive suite of monitoring, control, and management software applications specifically intended for the supervisory control and analysis of the operations and performance of modern gas gathering, transmission, and distribution pipelines and storage facilities.

Continua™ Gas Solutions (CGS) provides an unprecedented number of applications for the gas industry, both from an offline and operational point of view.

At the same time, Continua™ Gas Solutions (CGS) provides several applications for both safety and reliability that does not require a model. The uniqueness of Continua™ Gas Solutions (CGS) is due to its simplicity and modular design, which make it user friendly, scalable, easy to maintain, and safe.

  • CGSData — used for data- and meter-based applications like inventory management
  • CGSModel — used for model-based applications like composition tracking
  • CGSSafety — used for safety-based applications like safe operation
  • CGSPredictive — used for predicting how future operations might change based on current operations

Continua™ Gas Solutions (CGS) supports a full suite of monitoring, control, and gas pipeline and storage management applications. These feature operational and offline functionalities that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Pipeline topology and connectivity analysis/coloring
  • Pipeline pressure and flow profiles
  • Standardized gas protocols
  • AGA compliant standardized calculations
  • Real-time monitoring of pipeline flow and pressure
  • Pipeline and storage supervisory control, including long- distance transmission pipelines
  • Operator training and pipeline simulation
  • Gas odorant inventory management
  • Alarm and control room management tools
  • Inventory and linepack management
  • Heating value zone calculations
  • Real-time balance monitor
  • Validation and meter verification
  • Demand forecasting and gas supply management
  • Business-related applications