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Outage Management System

Gas or combined utilities recognize that, when it comes to service outages, the bar has been raised. Customers, regulators, media and public officials now have significantly higher expectations of their gas distribution utility for service reliability, effective outage restoration, and the timely delivery of quality information and communications. Today's natural gas utilities require a next-generation outage management system to:

  • Predict the outage location and determine the customers impacted by the loss of natural gas service
  • Prioritize restoration efforts
  • Calculate estimated time of restoration (ETR)
  • Determine crews required for restoration
  • Dispatch and manage crews while providing accurate information to workers on the job
  • Provide outage information for reporting and notification

The CGS OMS Solution™ is a next-generation, state-of-the-art Gas Outage Management solution that empowers natural gas and combined utilities to better manage all areas of their outage restoration processes; minimize their outage response times; keep customers, management, and regulators well-informed about the scope, status, and forecast of outage restoration efforts; and improve overall system reliability.

At the core of the CGS OMS Solution are two key components:

  1. Common call management, job management, and crew management functionality—the same that can be found in OSI's Electra OMS™ product for the power industry.
  2. The Gas Outage Analysis application, found within OSI's CGSSafety™ product, which enables operators to take full advantage of the connectivity model based on GIS data integration of the gas distribution pipeline system.

The CGS OMS Solution equips natural gas and combined utilities with a solution that enables them to efficiently and effectively assign work to field crews, and to improve outage response times.