A Modern Architecture for Integration and Convergence of Your OT and IT to Achieve Safe, Secure and Efficient Operation of Oil & Gas Assets

monarch™ meets all the key criteria for a truly open system architecture and is portable, expandable, upgradeable and maintainable to the highest degree possible, which can facilitate your OT and IT convergence in your enterprise.

monarch is a hyper-scalable and hyper-open architecture designed for unequaled portability. It can be delivered on a number of operating systems—including all popular Linux® platforms, MS Windows® and UNIX®—in a physical or virtualized configuration. Hybrid configurations can also be easily supported for a "best of breed" selection of operating systems to balance performance, usability and security concerns. This highly scalable architecture can support larger applications requiring millions of data points, or smaller applications requiring only a few thousand.

monarch is easily expandable with standard, off-the-shelf hardware to meet increased sizing requirements while maintaining performance parameters. To eliminate risk of premature obsolescence, no proprietary hardware or proprietary third-party technologies are used in any component of the architecture.

monarch's communication interface is fully distributed and IP-based, and can readily support network-based RTUs, IEDs, PLCs and substation automation technology, as well as distributed communications hubs to minimize your communications costs.

monarch supports many industry standard open interfaces, including Web Services, SQL, ODBC, JDBC, XML/SOA, OPC as well as specific 'C' and .NET APIs, and popular middleware adapters to facilitate enterprise information integration needs and interfaces to all business systems.

monarch achieves the highest level of performance, response and throughput, and is capable of processing millions of transactions per second and hundreds of thousands of alarms and events per minute while providing an uncompromising user interface response to the operator.

monarch achieves the lowest level of maintenance requirements, using extremely simplified, logical and intuitive maintenance processes and procedures for database, display and applications maintenance. All maintenance tasks can be performed online with real-time response and with no disruption to the production system.

monarch offers an "evergreen" platform strategy for your operational needs which can easily expand, adapt and grow as your mission changes. It can readily act as your sole consolidated real-time integration hub within your enterprise, automating all your real-time monitoring and business intelligence needs. Due to its open nature and modular product design, our software updates and upgrades are among the simplest in the industry. You can keep up to date with all software enhancements and improvements on an annual basis with a painless and cost-effective upgrade strategy offered by OSI.