Building Strong Bonds to Increase Value to Our Customers

Forging strong partnerships to offer value to our customers in geographies and services beyond our core concentration.

Our monarch™ platform takes the power, performance, and possibilities of open systems automation to an entirely new level. By unifying monitoring, control, and optimization software modules on a single common software platform, the monarch suite delivers the most comprehensive real-time view of the network across a utility enterprise.

With a solid and proven track record, we are strengthening our commitment to bringing these powerful automation capabilities to larger markets, specifically to regional markets and other industries. We rely on the knowledge, expertise, and local on-the-ground resources of our worldwide partners.

As an OSI Solution Partner (OSP), you will work closely with OSI to identify, support, and close sales opportunities in your specific market. We facilitate and provide you with necessary resources, including a secure web portal or access to partner-related content, marketing and sales collateral, training and documentation, partner-focused support resources, and collaborative marketing activities.

Over the past few years, we have created a solid ecosystem of partners to ensure the success of our customers. Our partners, who are well established in their region, are defined by several qualities:

  • Aligns with our culture and principles
  • Possess proven OSI solution competency
  • Offers complementary expertise
  • Delivers true value to our customers

If your company would like to explore partnering with OSI, please contact us at