Open Solutions to Meet Your Specific Needs

We offer open, expandable and flexible software and hardware platforms to meet your specific needs for real-time monitoring, control and resource optimization.

Our solutions, using a common underlying software platform and technology, include:

  • monarch™ A platform for mid- to large-scale system implementations for
  • monarch SGP™ A platform for very large implementations of Smart Grid and/or IoT industrial applications
  • monarch Indigo™ A platform for substation automation and plant HMI implementations or industrial applications
  •™ A cloud-based hosted solution for clients of various sizes
  • CHRONUS™ A historian platform based on Big Data technologies to meet the needs of various-sized clients
  • OSIRIS™ A communications and I/O (RTU) platform based on secure Linux operating system

All our solutions are offered with our award-winning Graphical User Interface, enabling our clients to monitor and control their mission in the most intuitive manner. Situational Awareness, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics tools are supported for effective and secure communication of "state of the process" to all stakeholders via local operations workstations as well as light web clients and/or mobile devices.

Our standards-based solutions allow you to choose your desired hardware, database technology, operating system platforms and virtualization platforms based on your corporate IT standards, without rigid requirements imposed by us. Our technologies allow clients to integrate their IT and OT with ease and overcome the traditional divide between IT and OT.

Our solutions offer an effective 'evergreen' strategy to our clients as they grow and their needs evolve, and adapt easily and economically to changing requirements. Our evergreen support models enable our clients to update, maintain, patch and refresh their software and underlying IT infrastructure as needed with the highest degree of ease, putting a final end to periodic obsolescence associated with these systems.