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Next Generation Secure Remote Terminal/Communications Unit

OSIRIS™ (OSI Remote Information System) is an innovative and versatile secure remote terminal and telemetry unit designed for the electric power, oil & gas, communications and water industries. It is a next-generation Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) with unsurpassed functionality and features currently unavailable in the industry.

OSIRIS is one of the industry's first Linux®-based telemetry units, offering integrated security features that deliver communications for critical utility operations over secure serial- or IP-based connections. Using a small form factor, OSIRIS is an ideal telemetry unit for electric power distribution, water, oil & gas and communications networks.

Key Features of OSIRIS:

  • Full TCP/IP Stack with Dual-standard Ethernet interfaces
  • Linux® operating system
  • Multiple concurrent sessions over one Ethernet port
  • Integrated Firewall
  • Client/Server protocol compliance:
    • DNP3 (slave/master) with secure authentication
    • Modbus (slave/master)
    • IEC 60870-05-104 (slave)
    • IEC 60870-05-101 (slave/master)
    • SES92
    • Telegyr
    • Cooper 2179
    • SNMP protocols
  • IED Integration/Data Concentration
  • IEC 61131-3 PLC programming capabilities
  • Resident Web-enabled Configuration Utility
  • Integrated configuration validation tool
  • Terminal-based diagnostics
  • Time Synchronization via NTP, IRIG-B or Protocol
  • 1 millisecond SOE data
  • Compact size: 10 x 8.69 x 1.63 inches (25.5 x 22 x 4.2 cm)
  • Utility grade, industrial temperature range of -40° to 80° C
  • 16 digital inputs, 8 form C digital outputs and 8 analog inputs
  • Base Unit I/O expandable up to 10x using OSIRIS XM Expansion Modules