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Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems

The electrical distribution system is changing. The introduction of distributed energy resources (DERs), such as rooftop PV, plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs), demand response, and energy storage are transforming this historically passive network into an active system. This introduces new levels of uncertainty into network operations, from the mobility of PEVs to different interconnection points to an increased variability stemming from weather-dependent renewable energy sources. The introduction of Microgrids—groups of interconnected loads and DERs that act as a single controllable entity and can connect and disconnect from the grid—further alter the nature of the distribution grid.

OSI's Integra™ DERMS is built on OSI's monarch™ platform and is an ideal platform for real-time monitoring, management and optimal dispatch of distributed energy resources including renewable generation, energy storage, electric vehicles, backup generators, and demand response. Integra DERMS enables utilities to manage and operate the increasing number and types of distributed energy and demand response resources.

Integra DERMS supports the following functionality:

  • Modelling of DERs
  • DER aggregation
  • Visualization of DERs
  • Monitoring and controlling DERsv
  • DER Forecasting
  • Scheduling and Dispatching of DERs
  • Data archives including post data analysis and reporting
  • Study mode functions
  • DERMS Simulator

Integra DERMS leverages the various DER resources to improve performance at the local and/or system level. It coordinates DER dispatch with traditional distribution grid assets, and permits their participation in bulk energy markets. Advanced DER forecasting and state estimation provide situational awareness even including the many DER devices that are not tele-metered.

OSI's Integra DERMS seamlessly integrates with Spectra DMS to deliver geospatial information on the various DER types and available capacities. Additionally, through DMS integration, the latest DER forecasts and operating conditions can be used in functions like Volt/Var Control; Fault Location, Isolation & Service Restoration; and Feeder Reconfiguration.

With Integra DERMS, you can transform DERs from potentially problematic devices to some of your strongest assets as you build into the Utility of the Future.