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CHRONUS™, OSI's modern and highly efficient data warehousing application suite, is the industry's first Historian to leverage the massive throughput of "Big Data" technologies. Big Data is the back-end basis for many large-scale web stores and social media sites that have to process and store tens of millions of data points and transactions.

Leveraging Big Data technology, CHRONUS is able to achieve performance and storage levels that are unsurpassed in the industry. Legacy Historians are unable to cope with the sheer volume of data resulting from Smart Grid implementations, proliferation of Phasor measurements and faster data communications and acquisition from the field, as well as IoT applications encompassing millions of sensors. CHRONUS is specifically designed to handle the data collection, archiving and queries of the massive real-time data sets associated with large-scale, real-time data measurement environments in various process industries, while simultaneously offering a fully scalable Historian platform with the ability to store up to millions of data points at millisecond frequencies. learn more »




Historical Recording System

CHRONUS Data Historian is a modern, highly efficient data warehousing application suite specifically designed to handle data collection and archiving of the massive real-time data sets associated with large-scale real-time data measurement environments.