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Industrial Energy Management

OSI Stratus™ is a suite of modular software components sharing a common platform to monitor and control energy assets as well as measure and analyze energy data within industrial, commercial and Institutional facilities.

With OSI Stratus, corporate energy and facility managers can be sure that all their goals for energy performance and resilience are tracked. The accumulation of accurate real-time data organized within the OSI Stratus big data environment enables the development of simulations and forecasting of energy usage, supporting the development of business cases for investment in better energy efficiency and improved operation. OSI Stratus is an integrated facility management system (IFMS) capable of collecting data from any of the devices throughout buildings, industrial machines, and power assets to provide a single operational view of all energy consumption and production in real time.

OSI Stratus can be deployed as a mission-critical monitoring and operational control system for microgrids. In this mode it can operate and optimize all types of microgrids, with the operator being either the facility owner or the utility. A Commercial & Industrial (C&I) microgrid powers a facility—a factory, warehouse, data center, or campus—and is designed to sustain long periods of grid outage. It typically relies on a large, distributed generator (>1MW) (CHP, Gas) and solar + battery plants that, when combined with controllable loads, can ensure reliable power during normal and emergency conditions. A utility microgrid generally powers a community (residential district, island, remote towns) and has a larger number of small, distributed energy resources (DER) to promote the economical use of renewable energy and provide the capability to rapidly restore power following storms, fires, etc.