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Network Management Systems

If your business operations model is based on the supply and delivery of your product over a complex network of supply and demand nodes, you can improve the reliability of your service, optimize the quality of your delivery and gain cost saving efficiencies by better monitoring, controlling and optimizing your operation in real time. Whether you are managing oil & gas pipelines or water networks, OSI's monarch™ platform and its various suites of SCADA and Pipeline Network Management applications allow you to optimally control, monitor and optimize your operations. Optimal flow calculations, loss/leak analysis, fault location and restoration, and contingency analysis and planning are a number of advanced applications you can utilize to gain better service efficiency and reliability in addition to base SCADA functionality.



OSI Continua™

Pipeline Network Management System

OSI Continua is a flexible, expandable and adaptable fluid network management platform built on top of OSI's industry-leading monarch platform. Intended for large-scale pipeline networks, OSI Continua supports a full suite of network management solutions and is capable of seamlessly communicating with many third-party products including RTUs, PLCs and various pipeline software products.