OSI University

OSI University

OSI University is a world-class training program designed to address the diverse needs of our customers. The comprehensive monarch™ training program prepares users of various skill levels for maintenance and operation of the OSI monarch systems and individual OSI products.

We employ detailed level- and topic-based courses, allowing our customers to obtain training that is most pertinent to their specific needs. OSI University's current curriculum consists of 37 standard courses and a total of 108 credits.

OSI University courses are delivered at OSI's superb training facilities in Minneapolis, MN, which feature a state-of-the-art training center with multiple classrooms, projection and computer equipment, and a collaborative laboratory environment. Courses include lectures, laboratory time, and hands-on practice.

Curriculum Overview

OSI University includes a comprehensive curriculum consisting of 37 standard courses. The curriculum has been optimally designed to offer a customizable training program for specific user needs. OSI’s modular approach to training allows users to achieve proficiencies in shorter amounts of time by selecting required courses from the entire curriculum. OSI’s Quick Start Training option allows users of smaller systems to achieve the minimum required proficiencies in a shorter period by presenting portions of the multi-week standard curriculum into two weeks. Optional advanced courses can be taken at opportune times and when convenient.

Courses represent various levels and topics intended to help students achieve various proficiencies. Course categories are as follows:

For more information on our OSI University training program, please contact training@osii.com.

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OSI is recognized by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) as a Continuing Education (CE) provider. CE credits can be earned by participants for OSI University courses dealing with Operator Training, Grid Security, Cyber Security and Operational Awareness. For a comprehensive list of CE certified courses please contact OSI at training@osii.com.

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