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To provide real-time monitoring and control applications for your various real-time processes, OSI offers a feature-rich and flexible SCADA platform. The SCADA platform based on our monarch™ architecture is a scalable SCADA product, able to handle processes involving anywhere from millions of data points down to those requiring a few hundred monitored points.

Many clients have standardized on the OSI SCADA platform throughout their entire enterprise. Monitoring substations, power plants, distribution networks and transmission networks based on the same core technology and platform allows our users to consolidate and minimize their technology investments in support and maintenance of these systems, while taking advantage of rich operational features not found in lower-tier solutions.

A scalable and tiered pricing model allows cost effective implementation of the monarch SCADA platform for virtually any size application in electric, oil & gas, transportation and water industries. You do not have to settle for lower-tier solutions with limited growth and operational capability.

With the OSI SCADA platform you can rest assured that growth and changes in size and business requirements will not render your technology investment obsolete. We deliver superior scalability and insure you against future technology obsolescence for the same or lower investment cost as other limited solutions available on the market.

Component modules comprising our SCADA solutions portfolio include:

Graphical User Interface
Real-time and Historical Trending
Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition
Communications Front-end Processor
Historical Information System and Data Archiving
Inter-control Center Communications Protocol
Historical Recording System
Report Management System
Calculation & Scripting Subsystem
Advanced Alarm Management System
Advanced Tabulars
Dynamic Tabular Display Subsystem
Data Engineering and Maintenance Subsystem
Design Studio
Display Design and Maintenance Subsystem
Electronic Operator Logging System

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