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Advanced Distribution Management Systems

The electrical distribution system operators of today are facing an increasing set of demands and expectations from customers, regulators and public officials to improve safety, reliability and efficiency of the distribution system and to provide timely and reliable data about power system conditions and status of power outages. Meeting these demands now and into the future requires a modern, integrated and real-time solution built specifically for distribution system operations.

Spectra™ is a real-time integrated solution for Advanced Distribution Management. Spectra enables utilities to improve system reliability, efficiency and safety, as well as providing timely and reliable information to internal and external stakeholders. Incorporating a full suite of advanced applications, Spectra represents a comprehensive and modern solution for the challenges facing today's distribution system operators and a robust real-time platform for the utility's future roadmap and vision. Spectra enables distribution operators to:

Spectra encompasses a complete and integrated set of functions and applications that operate on a common network model and are accessible through a common, seamless user-interface with a standardized look-and-feel. Spectra provides in-depth situational awareness, real-time monitoring and control, advanced analysis applications and centralized distribution automation.

The Spectra suite offers the following modular applications:

DMS Platform

Spectra is built on a real time high performance and secure platform to meet the evolving needs of utilities for advanced, smart grid capabilities. The benefits of the OSI Spectra solution include:

Using our open interfaces and many open API's, as well as our SCADA, DMS and OMS applications, you will obtain the greatest possible Return on Investment while effectively automating your distribution operation today and positioning yourself for the transition to a totally integrated and automated distribution business of tomorrow.

Examine why many distribution companies all around the world are selecting OSI technology to run their Distribution Operations.


Spectra eMap™

DMS Representation & Visualization

Spectra eMap is a full-featured graphical viewer designed to support both geographical and schematic views of the distribution system, distribution substations and transmission networks. Spectra eMap comprehensively solves issues related to maintaining a fully accurate and up-to-date model of the system and offers the tools to improve customer service, reduce operating costs and response times.


Geographical Information Systems Interface

OpenGIS provides an interface between the utility's GIS system and the OSI Distribution Management System. OpenGIS uses available GIS APIs to retrieve system maps (electrical, geographical, other information) from the GIS, which are then converted to OSI standard display format. OpenGIS APIs are designed to allow interfacing to popular GIS products and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Spectra DMS™

Distribution Management System

Spectra DMS encompasses a comprehensive and integrated set of powerful, electric and distribution system management solutions accessible through a common user-interface. Spectra DMS monitors the performance of the distribution system, allowing users to anticipate and respond to potential overloading and under voltage situations with the best solutions, before they become critical.

Spectra OMS™

Outage Management System

Spectra OMS is a next-generation, state-of-the-art outage management solution that empowers utilities to better manage their outage response times, keep customers, management and regulators well informed about the scope, status and forecast of restoration efforts as well as to improve overall system reliability. Spectra OMS also allows the assignment of work to field technicians.