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A gas distribution asset is a collection of low-pressure lines that connect transmission feeding lines, terminals, or—in rare cases—gas production fields to consumers. The distribution line typically spans from a city's gates to the consumer's meters. The gas utilities or combined utilities own and operate the gas distribution lines. These assets sometimes include underground storage and/or peak-shaving LNG plants.

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Gas distribution serves the energy transfer from terminals, transmission pipelines, or storage facilities to residential or industrial consumers. The supply chain usually includes the low-pressure pipelines, storage/LNG facilities, measurement gates, distribution nodes, gas chromatographs, control rooms, safety systems, etc. The asset owners are usually LDCs, gas utilities, or combined gas and electric utilities.

Due to the critical nature of their networks, owners focus heavily on the efficiency and safety of their operations, as well as guaranteeing the continuity of operations.

We have assembled a team of gas distribution industry veterans who specifically focus on efficiency, safety, and continuity of operations. Our solution is based on real-time operational needs, while also considering simulation, operator training, modeling and forecasting as offline functionalities. The OSI monarch™ platform, combined with the Continua™ suite of products, provides a state-of-the-art integrated solution with the ability to host Continua™ Gas Solutions' advanced applications in six different modules, based on the operational needs of our clients.

OSI is committed to developing long-term partnerships with our customers. Our goal is to provide CAPEX and OPEX efficiency throughout the life cycle of the assets, while simultaneously providing the necessary technological solutions to ensure the safety and continuity of operations.