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Luminant Energy Selects OSI Technology for a New Generation Management System

Open Systems International, Inc. (OSI) has been selected by Luminant Energy Company LLC to implement a new modern Generation Management System (GMS) based on OSI's monarch™ platform.

Luminant has more than 15,400 megawatts of generation capacity, including 2,300 MW of nuclear and 8,000 MW of coal fired generation. With a portfolio of more than 700 MW of wind power, they are also one of the largest purchasers of wind-generated electricity in Texas and the nation.

Luminant Energy's new OSI GMS system includes the advanced functionality presented by OSI's next generation .NET based Graphical User Interface (GUI); Advanced Alarm Management, Advanced SCADA functionality; Historical Information System including Data Archival and Trending; Inter-control Center Communications Automatic Generation Control and Dispatch; Market Operations Systems; Energy Market interfaces with ERCOT market; and NERC Performance Monitoring software products.

Luminant (www.luminant.com), a subsidiary of Energy Future Holdings Corp., formerly TXU Corp., is the largest competitive power generation business in Texas. Their activities include plant and mine, wholesale marketing and trading, and development operations. They provide reliable, affordable electricity to Texas consumers and set new standards in environmental stewardship and innovation that will result in cleaner air, water and land.

OSI (www.osii.com) provides open, state-of-the-art and high-performance automation solutions to utilities worldwide. These solutions include Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, Network Management Systems (NMS), Energy Management Systems (EMS), Distribution Management Systems (DMS), Outage Management Systems (OMS), Generation Management Systems (GMS), Substation Automation Systems (SA); Data Warehousing and Historians, as well as individual software and hardware products and Smart Grid solutions for utility operations. OSI is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

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