Optimal Business Performance is Highly Dependent on Information Flow Between Your Systems

In order to help our clients develop integrated solutions based on their specific vision and mission, and to realize maximum benefit from our solutions, OSI offers a range of integration services.

Using industry standards and the open nature of the OSI monarch™ architecture, a wide range of corporate applications and systems can be integrated with the real-time automation platform. These include Client Information systems, ERP systems, Data Warehouse and Historian solutions, GIS systems, Market systems, Enterprise middleware and more. A broad range of specific industry standards, such as CIM, SOA, MultiSpeak™, TASE2, IEC, DNP, OPC or specific middleware adapters are used to accomplish this seamless integration.

Legacy or proprietary systems needing to be interfaced with the monarch platform are accommodated through a range of custom interfaces and protocols. Throughout the years, we have built a strong portfolio of interfaces for popular DCS, Metering and Plant information systems, as well as support for a large list of legacy RTU and PLC protocols. Our talented and experienced integration engineers can develop customized protocols and interfaces to new devices in record time using the open nature of our APIs and development toolkits.