Program Components

There are eight standard components that make up the different levels of monarch™ support.

01 | Maintenance/Problem Fixes
OSI will fix reported software problems and provide software patches for reported problems.

02 | Business Day Support
Customers may call OSI during business hours for assistance with resolving critical problems with software operation.

03 | After-hours Support
Customers may call after business hours, during weekends and on OSI holidays for assistance with resolving critical problems with software operation.

04 | Help Desk
OSI will provide assistance with non-critical issues and problems, and provide general advice and guidance on software operation. This service is available during OSI business hours only.

05 | Web-based Training
Web-based training is offered as a supplement to OSI's standard product-based training program. The courses are designed to provide in-depth and topic-specific training in a small group setting to familiarize customers with detailed product maintenance and configuration topics.

06 | Software Updates/Revision Subscription
The software update subscription service allows you to receive an annual software update and/or patches for your licensed software at a substantial savings over the relicensing costs of the software. Subscription service is, by far, the most valuable part of the support program as it insures your software solution against technical obsolescence and results in an "evergreen" solution.

07 | Unlimited Support
Uplift your support plan to an unlimited number of Help Desk, Business Day Support and After-hours Support incidents.

08 | Onsite Installation Assistance
OSI technical services engineers will install software updates and/or patches onsite (when these updates are certified and released); verify the new software release with your database, displays, reports and custom applications prior to site installation; and assist during your cutover to the new software revision.