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Larger traction power networks associated with electric rail and light transit systems, as well as electric distribution networks in large transportation campuses such as airports and other large terminals, require highly reliable and secure monitoring and control systems. Traditionally, these systems have utilized either low-end limited automation solutions or older proprietary solutions. These rail traction power and terminal electric systems are complex electric distribution systems with the same challenges faced by electric utility distribution networks. Advanced Distribution Management System software for reliability analysis and operations optimization is becoming a vital need of these control systems.

OSI's monarch™ architecture offers a modern platform that is flexible, expandable and adaptable for managing very large transportation terminals, airports and traction power networks. Originally designed for electric network operations with demanding performance, capacity, throughput and cyber security requirements, monarch provides an ideal system platform for larger transportation automation applications. OSI's modular product approach and open interface structure offers a varied range of individual applications for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, Network Management, Energy Management, Converter Station Monitoring, Distribution Management applications, and interfaces with various Remote Terminal Units and PLC's, while seamlessly integrating specific third-party enterprise applications and GIS systems.