Your SCADA System is Critical Infrastructure that Should be Robust, Secure and Protected from Malicious Attacks

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are used for remote monitoring and control in the delivery of essential products and services such as electricity, natural gas, water and transportation.

SCADA systems are an integral part of a company and a nation's critical infrastructure. External threats to SCADA systems may come from malicious, hostile organizations and Nation States, or individual recreational hackers. Internal threats to SCADA systems may come from general internet threats such as viruses and other malware, disgruntled employees or from errors resulting from poor training.

We offer an array of security measures and defense strategies in our architecture to minimize your vulnerability.

Our security strategy for the monarch™ platform is based on the IT industry's "best practices" and mandated guidelines from governing bodies (e.g. NERC). The monarch platform has been deployed in governmental and military applications with stringent security requirements and has been subject to strict third-party vulnerability assessments and certifications. Our "best practices" approach uses a multi-layer defense strategy that limits and defends against unauthorized access to the monarch domain, as well as an intelligent Security Shield spanning all critical processes and applications within the monarch environment. The result is a highly secure architecture which can prevent malicious access, thus minimizing potential threats to your business.

Our Cyber Security Services help you maintain your compliance after system deployment.

Once a monarch system is deployed, it may be subject to changes throughout the years as a result of your internal maintenance, expansion and augmentation to meet your new business directives. What was once a secure platform may now become vulnerable due to change. We offer a range of engineering services in the area of cyber security to assist your audit and ascertain the security of your monarch system, and to mitigate and remedy any new vulnerability. As part of these services, we offer Cyber Security Workshops, Cyber Security Training and on-site Cyber Security Audits for your monarch system.

We have more clients using our solutions under NERC CIP regulatory requirements than any other industry solution. Our clients enjoy the highest degree of satisfaction related to the technical compliance of our solutions and the services and training they receive on cyber security-related areas facilitating their regulatory compliance.