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Spain's IBERDROLA Selects OSI Technology for Generation Control Center

Open Systems International, Inc. (OSI) has been selected by IBERDROLA of Spain to supply a new SCADA/GMS system—based on OSI's state-of-the-art monarch™ (Multi-platform Open Network ARCHitecture) platform—for use at the company's generation control center in Madrid.

IBERDROLA is a private company that operates on a global scale. Founded over 150 years ago, it has worked tirelessly to ensure the development of the energy sector, the security of its supply, and its quality and innovation. IBERDROLA is one of the top electric utilities in the world in terms of market cap, with over 28,000 employees and 30 million customers. The company operates a well-balanced, efficient and diversified range of electricity generation facilities—boasting an installed capacity of more than 47,000 MW worldwide—and is capable of responding to any energy sector scenario within the countries where it operates.

In effort to contribute to the development of sustainable energy generation, IBERDROLA has maintained an unwavering and pioneering commitment to the use of clean generation sources, which account for over 27,800 MW of its installed capacity. The company is firmly dedicated to combating one of the greatest challenges facing mankind today: climate change. The transition toward a decarbonized economy is now unstoppable, and IBERDROLA has positioned itself as a leader in this movement. It is fully committed to embracing more clean energy solutions and more networks with smarter technology and higher storage capacity.

The new OSI SCADA system for the IBERDROLA Power Generation Control Center in Madrid will deliver real-time monitoring of the electricity market, provide flexibility and reliability, and facilitate improved distributed generation and demand-side response. The system will control a large regulation area—with more than 26,000 MW of generation capacity—and will be equipped with the latest in cyber security technology to comply with current industry requirements. Other features of the system include OSI's next-generation, .NET-based Graphical User Interface (GUI); Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition; Calculation and Scripting Subsystem; Real-time and Historical Trending; Data Engineering and Maintenance Subsystem; Advanced Alarm Management System; Communications Front-end Processor; Inter-control Center Communications Protocol; Advanced Historian; and PI Interface, including web and mobile interfaces.

"OSI is honored and excited by IBERDROLA's selection of our technology for this important project," said Senior Director, OSI Europe Javier Martin. "This contract represents another significant step in OSI's international expansion as we broaden our presence in Europe. We are very impressed by the forward-thinking culture of IBERDROLA and their established goal of building their new control center with the most advanced user interface technologies on the market to improve operational performance and become a model system for the electrical generation industry. OSI welcomes the opportunity to serve IBERDROLA and we look forward to a very successful and on-time project implementation of this world-class control system."

The IBERDROLA Group (www.iberdrola.com) has expanded internationally, focused mostly on markets in Europe, the United States, Mexico, and Brazil. Further operational expansion is planned within these areas in the coming years. IBERDROLA continues to strengthen its foothold as the leading Spanish energy firm. It is one of the main operators in the United Kingdom following its merger with ScottishPower. Its subsidiary, AVANGRID, is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is the second-largest wind-power operator in the United States. Following the successful acquisition of Elektro, IBERDROLA also became the largest electricity distribution company in Brazil in terms of customer numbers, and is the leading private electricity generator in Mexico with a capacity of more than 6,100 megawatts (MW).

Open Systems International (www.osii.com)—headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota—provides open, state-of-the-art and high-performance automation solutions to utilities worldwide. These solutions include Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, Network Management Systems (NMS), Energy Management Systems (EMS), Distribution Management Systems (DMS), Outage Management Systems (OMS), Generation Management Systems (GMS), Substation Automation (SA) Systems, Data Warehousing (Historian) Analytics, Situational Awareness Systems, individual software and hardware products, and Smart Grid solutions for utility operations. OSI's solutions empower its users to meet their operational challenges, day-in and day-out, with unsurpassed reliability and a minimal cost of technology ownership and maintenance.

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