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OSI and Hydro-Québec Enter Into a Long-term Agreement for Implementation of an Enterprise-wide OT Automation Platform for Managing Generation, Transmission, Distribution, and Outage Management Operations

Open Systems International, Inc. (OSI) has been awarded a contract by Hydro-Québec (HQ) for the implementation of a comprehensive operational technology (OT) platform encompassing Generation Management (GMS), Transmission Management (EMS), Distribution Management (DMS), and Outage Management (OMS) solutions. This enterprise partnership between OSI and HQ encompasses the initial system implementation and deployment, as well as a 15-year evergreen support and maintenance program.

OSI's uniform enterprise OT architecture, monarch™, is the foundational architecture that will be used to deploy OSI's field-proven GMS, EMS, DMS, and OMS solutions, as well as OSI's enterprise historian, CHRONUS™. This unified architecture will harmonize and replace a number of disparate legacy systems—including several GMS, EMS, and DMS/OMS—offering a modern and flexible platform to fulfill all of HQ's OT needs for decades to come. This single architecture will offer significant benefits in terms of uniformity and flexibility of technology and maintenance across all of HQ's asset classes while providing a resilient cyber security platform to optimally secure the utility's production, grid operations, and distribution activities.

This project will be jointly implemented by OSI USA and OSI's Montréal engineering and professional services teams. As part of this project, OSI will make significant investments in its new Canadian operation based in Montréal, which will serve the HQ project as well as other Canadian and international projects.

"We are enormously proud to have won the trust of Hydro-Québec to enter into this partnership and undertake this comprehensive and important project," said OSI CEO Bahman Hoveida. "We're confident our technology will deliver immediate and lasting benefits to Hydro-Québec's operations, facilitating their quest to continue achieving high-performance results, reliability, operational efficiency, and grid resilience. The aligned cultural affinity both organizations have for innovation will not only benefit both parties, but will also make a positive contribution to the entire utility sector. We welcome Hydro-Québec to our user family and we look forward to a very successful, lasting partnership."

Hydro-Québec (www.hydroquebec.com), headquartered in Montréal, generates, transmits and distributes electricity. It is Canada's largest electricity producer, with an installed capacity of 37,300 MW, and is among the world's largest hydropower producers. Its sole shareholder is the Québec government. Its 34,361 kilometers of transmission lines and 224,659 kilometers of distribution lines provide electricity to more than 4.3 million clients across the province of Quebec. It uses almost exclusively renewable generating options, in particular hydropower, and supports the development of other sources of energy, such as wind and biomass, through purchases from independent power producers. Its research institute, IREQ, conducts R&D in energy efficiency, energy storage, and other energy-related fields. Hydro-Québec invests $110 million in research every year.

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